Start and End Times | Schedule Milestones

If you’re like us, we often plan our conference attendance and participation around schedule milestones. It establishes a framework within which we can work and plan, etc.

To enable you the same ability, and to extend the same courtesy in our way of thinking, we’ve included a (hopefully) handy overview below.


4:00 pm ET – Monday, March 29

The virtual conference environment will officially “open” at 4:00 pm ET on Monday, March 29. At this time attendees can access the environment and navigate around and generally learn where things are located, including the lobby, the networking lounge, and the exhibit hall. Live programming / sessions won’t be accessible of course (not until Tuesday), but familiarizing oneself with the parts of the whole will likely result in a smoother onramp and better overall experience the following day.

10:00 – 11:30 am ET – Tuesday, March 30 

Welcome and Morning Keynotes
Live programming will begin at 10:00 am ET on Tuesday. From 10:00 – 10:15 we’ll welcome everyone, thank sponsors, and make a few key announcements, then we’ll turn it over to keynote speakers for the next hour+. Each keynote is scheduled for 15 minutes with 5 minutes of buffer built in on the backend, just in case a talk exceeds the 15 minute timeframe. All keynote talks will focus on a topic we feel is educational and impactful to a plenary audience (meaning, everyone).

11:45 am – 4:30 pm ET – Breakout Sessions Across 8 Tracks

There will be 5 blocks of breakout sessions over the course of the day, and each session block will be followed by a 15 minute break to allow for networking, visiting with sponsors and partners, etc. The overwhelming majority of breakout sessions will be 45 minutes in duration (34) and a few (3) will be 90 minutes to allow for a deeper dive.

4:30 – 4:45 pm ET – Wrap Up, Thank You’s and Giveaways

In keeping with All Things Open and Open Source 101 tradition, we’ll begin the day together and we’ll end it together as well. We’ll take this 15 minute block to thank everyone for the 1,000th time, we’ll recognize volunteers and the people making it all possible, and we’ll announce some really cool giveaways. While we love every piece and part of the conference, this might be our favorite if we’re being honest. If we were in person we would stay around for as long as people like to talk and answer questions, and we’d give our share of fist bumps and hugs, but we’ll keep this one to 15 minutes.

4:45 pm ET – Hard Stop 

It can be difficult to structure a schedule to accommodate multiple time zones around the world, but the 4:45 pm ET hard stop will hopefully keep our friends in Europe, Africa and many other places from staying up too late. And on the west coast of the U.S., it’s still early enough to get some work done before the “traditional” end of the workday.