TIME: 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM
LOCATION: Conference Room 2A


According to the Stack Overflow 2018 survey of developers, Linux is the most loved platform for development. There are many reasons to move away from other operating systems — the closed nature of the systems, lack of flexibility, cost, to name just a few. But, many developers fear they will not be able to do their job under Linux, that something will be missing. I plan to dispel these fears. I will demonstrate how developers can work under Linux by showing how I work every day.

In this talk I plan to cover:

  • Why Linux
  • Dispelling false negative myths about Linux
  • Don’t fear the command line
  • Linux’s advantages
  • Linux’s disadvantages (and why they have no effect on my work)
  • Linux Distros and their differences
  • Software I use in day-to-day work (Vim, Docker, Inkscape, The Gimp, VirtualBox, Vagrant, etc)

Who this talk is for – Web Developers who are new to Linux, or considering moving to it

Who this talk is not for – Anyone above a beginner level with the Linux desktop