Technologies 2 Track Overview

This track is sponsored and made possible by the team at Appwrite.

We love the technology component of Open Source, and we love the people and topics being featured at Open Source 101 this year.

The Technology 2 track will feature some of the best technologists on earth and the sessions are guaranteed to be educational and entertaining.

Register now and plan to attend sessions on this track. Every one of them should be fantastic…

DevOps, 12-Factor, and Open Source

Justin Reock, Gradle Inc

Open Source instead of Outsource your Database

Brandon Roberts, Appwrite

WTF(lux) is GitOps & Why Should You Care?

Ravi Priyanka, Weaveworks

Functional Web Apps – The revenge of dynamic web apps

Simon MacDonald, Begin

Writing Commits for You, Your Friends, and Your Future Self

Victoria Dye, GitHub