UPDATE: Open Source 101 Austin on April 14 – Cancelled

After much research, consideration and communication with speakers, sponsors, and our partners on the ground in Austin we have made the decision to cancel the Open Source 101 conference scheduled for Tuesday, April 14.

Above all else the safety of attendees is of primary concern and has been since we started hosting events in 2013.  The best course of action in this instance is to wait until that safety can be guaranteed, and until the existing and growing level of uncertainty subsides.

At the moment we’re working to move the event to spring 2021, and we’ll keep everyone posted on our progress moving forward.  We want our first conference in Austin to be stress free, and a place where attendees can focus on the education, learning, and networking our events are known for.

Finally, we’d like to sincerely thank our partners and community members for your support in this journey.  It’s been an unprecedented one, to say the least, but we believe better days are ahead.  We look forward to All Things Open in the fall, and to meetups and other events along the way, as they are possible.