Open Source 101 2020 Call for Papers

All Things Open is pleased to announce the 2020 conference series call-for-papers is now open!Open Source 101 is a one-day educational conference series covering the processes and tools foundational to open source, open tech, and the open web. Target audience includes developers, technologists, students and decision makers. The format includes TED style keynote talks as well as track sessions from industry experts.


Two (2) events will be hosted in spring of 2020, to include:

Tuesday, March 3 – Columbia, SC
Downtown Columbia
In the heart of the technology, education and entertainment district
Tuesday, April 14 – Austin, TX
Austin Convention Center
Downtown Austin, in the heart of the city’s technology district

Tracks to be featured:

  • Consuming Open Source – The processes and best practices of safely and effectively consuming open source.  Especially relevant to developers, decision makers, legal, students, and technologists of all types.  Might include topics like licensing, governance policies, consuming best practices, where and how to find open source projects, codes of conduct, version control, and more.
  • Contributing to Open Source – How anyone can effectively contribute to an existing project, or start one from scratch.  Might include topics like licensing, contributing best practices, how to open source an existing tool / technology or start one from scratch, where and how to find open source projects, codes of conduct, version control, and more.
  • Projects / Case Study – Highlights popular open source projects and their maintainers / contributors, good examples of open source being utilized in a business or nonprofit environment, best practices and lessons learned from real-word examples, business models, and more.
  • Developer – Front and back-end technologies every developer should know about, delivered by industry thought leaders.
  • Cloud / Big Data / AI – Never before have cloud, big data and AI/ML been more important to technologists.
  • Security – Technology stacks have never been more complex, and security more vital.
  • Emerging/Trending – Cutting-edge technologies and topics.

Track format:

Both events will host shorter, TED style plenary keynote talks as well as traditional 30-45 minute sessions.

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