Call for Papers

The call-for-papers (CFP) for Open Source 101 2023 is now open!

The 2023 event will once again be in-person, and we’re thrilled! We’re looking for world-class speakers to deliver a variety of topics to attendees and we hope anyone interested will consider submitting a talk for consideration. 

*Please note, we will host one (1) event in 2023 on Thursday, March 23 in downtown Charlotte, NC. We had originally planned to host two (2), but just one will allow us to maximize attendee experience, which is very important to us. In addition, the conference will take place in a new city/location – one we have never hosted an event in before. Preparation always takes a little longer and is more involved the first time around.


What: Open Source 101 2023
Thursday, March 23
The Dubois Center at UNCC, downtown Charlotte, NC
Deadline: Friday, December 30


Open Source 101 2023 will take place in downtown Charlotte, NC at the Dubois Center at UNCC. It is an ultra-modern building in the heart of downtown and close to public transportation.


Two types of talks will be featured – shorter plenary keynotes and extended deeper-dive sessions. Open Source 101 is an opportunity for attendees to learn more about open source topics at an introductory level.

Talk formats:
 10 minute keynotes, 1.5 hour  and 2.5 hour sessions

Level of Difficulty: All submissions should address topics at an introductory-intermediate level.

Remember: The target audience for OS101 includes newbie/early-career technologists, technology veterans looking to learn something new, as well as university CS/technology/code school students.


  1. Talks covering Open Source Processes, such as:
    • Open Source licenses / licensing
    • Open Source governance policies
    • Documentation
    • Starting/launching an open source project (how to/best practices)
    • Choosing a project to contribute to (how to)
    • Contribution best practices
    • Codes of Conduct
    • Communication standards/methodologies/best practices
    • How to open source an internal tool / technology (best practices and examples)
    • Open Source business models and strategies
  2. Talks covering Open Source Technologies, such as:
    • Databases
    • Programming/Scripting Languages
    • Cloud Environments & Cloud Management Tools
    • Operating Systems and Distributions
    • Developer Frameworks
    • Continuous Integration
    • Security
    • Deployment Automation & Configuration Management
    • Monitoring
    • Analytics/Data
    • Testing/Test Automation
  3. Open Source Projects – Active, healthy projects looking for contributors and/or those capable of serving as good case studies.
  4. Community – Topics of importance to the open source community


Open Source 101 is a wonderful opportunity to help educate a very enthusiastic audience and one that is eager to learn. In addition, the exposure can be excellent as it creates a thought leadership opportunity. Finally, the networking opportunity is tremendous. Speakers are guaranteed to meet other thought leaders from around the region and U.S. 

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