Open Source 101 2019 Call for Papers

A one-day conference taking place Thursday, April 18 in the heart of Columbia’s technology, educational and entertainment district.  Will feature 15 minute keynote and 45 minute session talks from leading developers, technologists, and thought leaders.

In 2018 nearly 500 attended from 11 U.S. states.  The audience was enthusiastic and diverse.  500+ are expected in 2019.

Seven (7) tracks will be featured:

  1. Contributing to Open Source – How anyone can effectively contribute to an existing project, or start one from scratch.
  2. Consuming Open Source -The processes and best practices of safely and effectively consuming open source.  Especially relevant to developers, decision makers, legal, students, and technologists of all types.
  3. Developer (2 tracks) – Front and back-end technologies every developer should know about, delivered by industry thought leaders.
  4. Cloud/Big Data – Never before have cloud and big data been more important to technologists.
  5. Security – Technology stacks have never been more complex, and security more vital to every organization.
  6. Trending – Sessions examining cutting-edge technologies and topics.