Terms & Conditions

By registering for Open Source 101 2022 you are agreeing to the terms and conditions included below. For questions please contact us directly at info@allthingsopen.org.


We have a strict Code of Conduct at all of our events. All attendees are expected to behave and act accordingly. Anyone violating the Code of Conduct will be addressed immediately. We also ask anyone impacted by a possible Code of Conduct violation to contact us immediately via pathways identified in the policy. We will respond quickly and confidentially. Read the complete Code of Conduct here.



Open Source 101 2022 is a free event, meaning there is no registration cost for attendees. As a result, no refunds will be available.



Your registration serves as your permission for us to use any tweets or quotes you make publicly. We’ll fully credit you if we do.



It is our goal to make this conference accessible to all attendees. Should you have any special needs, please contact us prior to the conference so that we can do our best to accommodate your request. We can be contacted at info@allthingsopen.org.



All Things Open reserves the right to reschedule the event due to extenuating circumstances deemed appropriate by the management of All Things Open. We’re living in unprecedented times with variables changing constantly. As a result, unexpected volatility can sometimes occur.



Specific to the virtual Open Source 101 event taking place March 29, 2022

We treat attendee and community member privacy seriously and do everything we can to treat data carefully and with the respect it deserves.

Basic attendee information will be requested and collected during the registration process. This information will be kept private and will not be shared unless approval is given.



There will be three (3) lists those registering for the conference can opt into and have their information shared. These include:

  1. Open Source 101 Opt-In list
    While registering attendees can opt-in to be contacted by Open Source 101 sponsors and partners. Those that do are often made aware of special offers from these third parties and can opt-out at any time. *These third parties are subject to their own communication and privacy policies. Basic information shared includes name, company, title, email address and country of origin. Opting in is voluntary.
  2. Booth Visitation Report
    When conference attendees visit an exhibit booth the 6Connex system captures activity and basic information details. Attendees can agree to share this information with the exhibit booth third parties they visit. Basic information shared includes name, company, title, email address and country of origin. This is again voluntary on the part of the attendee.
  3. Digital Badge Scan Report
    While visiting exhibit booths at Open Source 101 attendees will have the option of doing a “digital badge swipe/scan”, which will be voluntary and require a “click”. This is the same as having a badge scanned while visiting an exhibit booth at an in-person event. If attendees scan their badge basic information (name, company, title, email address and country of origin) will be shared with that third party sponsor/partner. This is again voluntary.



Anyone with questions and/or comments is encouraged to contact us directly at info@allthingsopen.org.