Open Source 101 2021

A Virtual Event Streaming All Over the Globe
Tuesday, March 30
A one-day conference covering the basics of open source. For developers | technologists | students | decision makers

Open Source 101 is a one-day educational conference covering the processes and tools foundational to open source, open tech, and the open web. All sessions will be delivered live and virtually to devices around the world.Target audience includes developers, technologists, students and decision makers. The format includes TED style keynote talks as well as track sessions from industry experts.

Just a few of the world-class speakers confirmed for 2021

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@ Home Virtual Event Schedule

Day 1 : Tuesday, May 12th

11:00 am ET - 5:30 pm ET

11:45 am ET - 11:55 AM ET

12:00 PM ET - 12:15 PM ET

The Open Source Community Core

Speakers: Jono Bacon

Main Stage

12:15 PM ET - 12:30 PM ET

Beyond Coding: The Hallmarks of a Great Open Source Engineer

Speakers: Dr. Shallon Brown

Main Stage

12:30 PM ET - 12:45 PM ET

Open Source in the Time of COVID-19

Speakers: Jennifer Davis

Main Stage

12:50 pm ET - 1:00 pm ET


1:00 pm ET - 1:45 pm ET

Intro to Open Source Licensing

Speakers: Jim Jagielski

Processes (1)

How to Turn Your Open Source Project Into a Company

Speakers: Heather Meeker

Processes (2)

Deploy your ML Workloads on Kubernetes with Kubeflow

Speakers: Karl Weinmeister

Technologies (1)

Using Linux Securely in the Cloud

Speakers: Thomas Cameron

Technologies (2)

Plugin Oriented Programming A New Way to Scale Development

Speakers: Thomas Hatch

Technologies (3)

1:45 pm ET - 2:00 pm ET


2:00 pm ET - 2:45 pm ET

Anatomy of an Open Source Project

Speakers: Jim Salter

Processes (1)

Writing the Darn Docs

Speakers: Raymond Camden

Processes (3)

MySQL 8.0 New Features

Speakers: Dave Stokes

Technologies (1)

Securing Applications and Pipelines on a Container Platform

Speakers: Veer Muchandi

Technologies (2)

WebAssembly: Digging a bit deeper

Speakers: Steve Klabnik

Technologies (3)

A11y-Friendly Documentation

Speakers: Carolyn Stransky


2:45 pm ET - 3:00 pm ET


3:00 pm ET - 3:45 pm ET

3:45 pm ET - 4:00 pm ET


4:45 pm ET - 4:50 pm ET


4:50 pm ET - 5:00 pm ET