Call for Sponsors

Why Sponsor?

1 / Access to a technical, but skillset diverse audience

While the majority of attendees at Open Source 101 events are technically-focused and going into or coming from technical environments, many are focused on and interested in vital open source processes/components such as community, documentation, project management, governance, compliance, marketing, and the like.  Successful open source implementation requires not only the technical, but a strong understanding of these processes and components. 

*the 2022 event was virtual-only

*the 2020 event was the last in-person, pre-COVID event

2 / We foster a positive community environment

Every year we make it a priority to host an event that reflects the community at large and is extremely positive. We believe this results in a richer, better experience for everyone involved. It also results in excellent recruiting and networking opportunities.

3 / We couldn’t do it without you

Every year we work extremely hard to host a conference featuring some of the most talented technologists and decision-makers in the world, at a price that allows nearly everyone with an interest to attend, learn, network, and benefit. However, it would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors.

While we fully understand every potential sponsor is looking for a measurable return on investment (ROI), our sponsors can also sleep well at night knowing they’ve helped make the event, and accompanying opportunities, possible. 

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