Why Attend Open Source 101?

With open source now ubiquitous and comprising nearly 80% – 90% of the code in a “typical” application, we feel the need to learn more has never been more vital.

1. To remain competitive every technologist, regardless of company or focus area, needs to understand the fundamentals of open source.

Consider the following:

According to a recent Forrester Research report open source now comprises 80% – 90% of the code in a typical application.

According to the annual Blackduck Open Source 360 Survey:

-Open source is now present in IT workloads in 90% of organizations
-Sixty-six percent (66%) of companies surveyed now contribute to open source projects
-Of 1,071 applications audited throughout 2016, 96% contained open source

According the annual Linux Foundation / Dice Jobs Report (300 hiring managers and 1800 open source professionals surveyed):

-Demand for open source professionals is increasing rapidly
-Eighty-nine precent (89%) of hiring managers say it’s difficult to find open source talent
-Sixty percent (60%) of companies are now looking for open source full-time hires
-Sixty-seven percent (67%) of managers say hiring open source professionals will increase more than other areas in the next 6 months

2. The speakers at Open Source 101 are world-class
Learning via an online class is one thing, but we have found there to be no substitute for learning in-person from a world-class technologist and thought leader. Each speaker has been chosen specifically because of the experience and expertise they bring to the table.

3. Content and topics will provide the knowledge needed to contribute right away
Each talk featured at Open Source 101 has been chosen to provide education resulting in an ability to contribute right away. True “101” level processes and tools topics will be covered as will many applicable emerging and advanced ones.

4. Networking opportunities will be outstanding
While technology has enabled remote communication and learning on an unprecedented level, we know face-to-face communication has never been more important that it is today. It’s counterintuitive really, but is absolutely true.

5. The value is outstanding
We’ve structured the conference to allow and encourage access for nearly everyone, which is extremely important to us. Tickets are just $49, which includes lunch.

Target audience

1. Current technology professionals with little open source experience, but wanting to learn more
2. Current technology professionals with open source experience, but wanting a refresher
3. Students wanting and needing to learn more about open source
4. Anyone interested in world-class networking opportunities with some of the top thought leaders in the world