Cognito Forms


About Cognito Forms

Cognito Forms, the world’s most powerful and comprehensive online form builder, empowers small business owners and business partners to take control of their data and use it to craft custom solutions. In 2013, co-founders Jamie Thomas and Jennifer Dellacroce launched Cognito Forms to eliminate the need to hire a developer by providing a simple online form builder that anyone can use. As one of the fastest-growing, industry-leading SaaS companies, Cognito Forms has built up nearly 2 million organizations and users to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex and demanding world.

Our customers leverage technology to reduce employee workload, increase productivity, and eliminate paperwork through workflow automation, payment collection, inventory management, and other best-in-class features. In addition, users can drag and drop fields for a fully customized experience or start quickly with one of over 100 customizable templates.