Open Source 101 2023 Summary

Open Source 101 2023 was the 9th event we’ve hosted – and it was fantastic.

For the first time, this year’s Open Source 101 took place in Charlotte, NC. The networking and “vibe” onsite was extremely positive, enthusiastic and supportive. Thanks to our Gold sponsors we were also able to live stream the morning Keynotes and two tracks of content to virtual attendees.

We’ve attempted to “sum up” Open Source 101 2023 below with graphics, numbers and links. Take a look and let us know if you have questions at

And to everyone that registered and participated – THANK YOU from the entire ATO team!! We have the best community in the world, and OS101 was again proof of that.

Finally, many thanks to our wonderful and world-class sponsors and partners for making the event possible as well. Please visit each of them and say “thanks” if the opportunity arises.

Event Overview

Total Registations 624

Countries Represented 38

Sessions Hosted
5 keynotes (watch all 5 here)
23 breakout sessions (recordings will be posted soon on our YouTube channel)

About Attendees…

Organizations Represented

Do you influence spending decisions?
No  61%
Yes  39%

How large is your organization?
0-100  43%
100-500  7%
500-1000  3%
1000-5000  11%
5000-10000  7%
10000+  29%

How would you describe yourself?
Designer/Developer/Programmer  32%
Database/System Admin  4%
C-level/Manager/Director  5%
Engineer / Scientist  23%
Professor/Student  19%
“Other”  17%

Photos from the Event

Below are a few photos from the event. Check out the full gallery on Flickr.