Open Source 101 At Home

Tuesday, May 12
A one-day open source tools and process conference for developers | technologists | students
20 world-class speakers and talks delivered directly to your device

A day of (virtual) 15, 30 and 90 minute sessions delivered by Open Source thought leaders from world-class companies and organizers

Event Summary

Open Source 101 is a one-day virtual conference designed to educate current technology professionals and technology students on topics foundational to open source, open tech, and the open web. Never has open source education been more important.

The event will feature 20 world-class speakers, some of the top experts in the country, delivering sessions on foundational topics.  In addition, each session will be delivered virtually to desktops, laptops and devices of all types regardless of location.

Target audience includes current technology professionals experienced using open source, those coming from a proprietary background and new to open source, as well as students from computer science and other technology programs at universities and colleges.

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Topics to be Featured

Open Source Processes

  • Open Source at work – how to contribute on the clock
  • Documenting open source: Tips, tricks, templates
  • Introduction to open source licensing
  • How to turn your Open Source project into a company
  • Anatomy of an Open Source Project (what are the pieces and parts?)
  • Entering the Open Source emerging market
  • Open Source community building best practices
  • Open Source design contributions for your OSS project (extended 90 minute session)
  • Software licensing and compliance: It’s all about community

Open Source Technologies

  • Introduction to (Open Source) Containers (extended 90 minute session)
  • Securing applications and pipelines on a container platform
  • Using Linux securely in the cloud
  • How to 2FA-enable Open Source applications
  • Faster AI performance with parallelism
  • Plugin oriented programming: A new way to scale development (extended 90 minute session)
  • 17 things developers need to know about open source databases
  • Deploy your ML workloads on Kubernetes with Kubeflow


Questions regarding speakers, registration, the schedule and anything else can be sent to us directly at


  • We’re giving away the first 250 tickets, thanks to our sponsors. Simply enter the promo code FREE when registering
  • Once the first 250 are claimed, tickets are just $19 USD and include all programming. The $19 can also be credited to any All Things Open ticket purchase in the future



Broadcasting all over the world

All content will be made available virtually and delivered directly to attendee devices


All sessions will be placed in tracks titled “Processes” or “Technology”. We feel categorizing topics in one of these categories is the most intuitive way to structure content.

Target Audience

Target audience includes current technology professionals familiar with open source or those coming from a proprietary background as well as technology/computer science students and professors at colleges and universities.


11:00 am – 12:15 ET
15 minute plenary / keynote talks

12:30 – 4:00 pm ET
Breakout sessions. All 45 minute sessions will be 30 minutes of delivery and 15 minutes of Q&A, if needed.  Ninety (90) minute extended sessions will include content delivery + interspersed Q&A at the discretion of the speaker.

Featuring 20 World-Class Speakers and Subject Matter Experts

Our Sponsors

Thanks to these world-class companies and organizations for making this event possible.

Open Source 101 At Home Event Schedule