Introducing the Open Source Fund (OSS Fund) by Appwrite

The OSS Fund is a grant program sponsored by Appwrite that provides up to $50,000 in financial support to eligible open-source projects. To be eligible, projects must have an OSI-approved open-source license and demonstrate potential for growth or impact.

The goal of the OSS Fund is to support open-source developers and projects that are contributing to the development of the open-source ecosystem. The funds can be used for project maintenance, feature development, documentation, and community outreach. The OSS Fund helps to ensure that the open-source ecosystem continues to thrive and innovate.

Applying for the OSS Fund is easy. If you know an open-source maintainer or are maintaining a project yourself, you can apply for the OSS Fund through the form on the Appwrite website below. Once submitted, the proposal will undergo a review process to determine eligibility for the grant.

The OSS Fund is an exciting opportunity for open-source developers and projects to receive financial support and guidance. By supporting impactful projects within the open-source community, the OSS Fund helps to promote innovation and sustainability within the open-source ecosystem.

Apply for the OSS Fund

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