Scholarships & Discounts

A limited number of scholarships and discounts will once again be made available to Open Source 101 2023. We do this every year as access remains and always has been a top priority. 

Scholarships and discounts available in 2023 include the following:



Are you an historically underrepresented individual in tech and open source? Do you lead an organization that represents historically underrepresented individuals? If so please contact us at for free pass / scholarship details.


Are you currently enrolled in an accredited college or university or perhaps a 2-year technical or code school? Do you work in a leadership position at one of these entities and want to inquire about scholarships / free passes for your students? If so contact us today at



Do you represent a registered nonprofit organization and want to offer discounts to your staff / members? We’re happy to offer a discount to those qualifying. Contact us today at  


Do you represent / are you employed by an educational entity and/or institution? If so please contact us at for discount details. 

User Groups

Do you run a user group and want to offer discounts to your members? If so contact us today at to proceed quickly. 

Group – 5 or more

Do 5 or more people plan to attend from your company or organization? If so contact us immediately for a discount at


Do you work for or perhaps manage a government entity of any kind? If so contact us for a discount code for you and/or colleagues.