Session: A Whirlwind Tour of Rust: Systems Programming for the Modern Developer

Systems programming has long been sold as a school of hard knocks, a domain where competency could only be attained through a decade’s worth of staring at segmentation faults, scowling at core dumps, and debugging inscrutable runtime errors. Enter Rust: an open-source systems programming language that matches the speed and memory profile of C and C++ while providing best-in-class compile-time protection against memory errors and concurrency bugs.

Currently being used for everything from Firefox to Linux and everywhere from Amazon to Microsoft, Rust bridges the gap between high-level and low-level programmers with a focus on convenient-yet-bulletproof zero-cost abstractions while offering a suite of tools catered to modern development practices. This introduction is for programmers of any background, from Java to Python to C and beyond, and will describe the fundamental design innovations that made Rust possible, provide a crash course on the fundamental of the language, and get you up and running with the basics of the Rust workflow and toolchain.

Session Speakers:

Ben Striegel

One of the earliest members of the Rust community, Ben has been a perennial contributor to the Rust programming language since 2011. Today, he focuses primarily on community outreach, education, me [Read More]

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