Session: Accelerating Your Open Source Contribution Journey with Cloud Development Environments

Open source projects rely on the contributions of volunteers to thrive and grow. However, getting started with open source contributions can be intimidating, especially for those facing difficulties to set up their development environment. In this talk, we will explore how cloud development environments can be leveraged to make it easy for anyone, to contribute to open source projects. We will cover topics such as how to set up a cloud development environment, the benefits of using a cloud environment for open source projects, and walk through a live demonstration of using a cloud development environment to contribute to an open source project. Whether you are a beginner or experienced open source contributor, this session will provide practical tips and resources to help you effectively contribute to open source projects using cloud development environments.

By the end of this talk, attendees will have a better understanding of how to use cloud development environments to contribute to open source projects, and will feel empowered to make their own contributions.

Session Speakers:

Vishal Pallerla

Vishal Pallerla is a Developer Advocate with DevZero, a Crypto and Information Enthusiast. His passion towards tech communities, event management and love to share awesome technologies with communi [Read More]

Debosmit Ray

Debosmit (Debo) Ray is the Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of DevZero, a platform that boosts developer productivity via cloud-based software development environments. In 2013, he founded Gen [Read More]

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