Session: Introduction to Kubernetes Security (Extended Session)

This 90 minute session will be an overview of Kubernetes security from both an operations perspective and an application development perspective. It won’t give you everything you need to lock down a cluster, but will give you enough information to know what to look for and what questions to ask. The first half of the session will focus on cluster security:

  • How users access the cluster
  • How pipelines access the cluster
  • Dashboards
  • NetworkPolicies
  • Secrets
  • Node Security
  • Defense-in-Depth
  • Multi-tenancy

The second half will focus on building secure containers that run on your clusters:

  • How your application can be be a security risk
  • Basics of a secure image
  • SBOMs
  • Farm-to-Table Supply Chain Security

Session Speakers:

Marc Boorshtein

Marc has nearly fifteen years of identity and access management experience as a software engineer, product developer, and consultant. Marc has worked with multiple companies and US federal agencies [Read More]