Session: The Mystical Nature of Open Source Marketing

Marketing, in general, is probably an enigmatic function for most folks who are not familiar with the function. While one may misconstrue that the Marketing team handles conferences and/or events, let us take a moment to recognize that that is not all that the Marketing team is responsible for. The marketing team is like a beautiful layer cake that has multiple functions within, with each team having a unique responsibility for creating, generating, and nurturing awareness and demand for the company and company’s product portfolio in the relevant markets.

And if you think that was nuanced, wait until you hear about the elaborate and orchestrated coordination that is required in “Open Source Marketing”.

In this session, I will talk about the fundamental differences in traditional B2B (business-to-business) marketing approaches and open source marketing approaches. The audience will understand the importance of the differences in approaches and will walk away with a better understanding of Open Source Marketing.

Session Speakers:

Swarna Podila

Swarna Podila (she/her) is a seasoned product marketer and marketing leader and has been a successful technology product marketer for open source and enterprise products at various stages of produc [Read More]

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