Session: Breaking Down Barriers: How Containerization Promotes Equity in the Tech Industry

“It works on my machine”, it’s not just a meme. It’s a real phrase developers find themselves saying if they work in a codebase where the environments vary. Enter containers. Containers enable software engineers to program in a consistent environment. In March 2013, Solomon Hykes and his cofounders popularized containerization and transformed how we do software development with an open source platform called Docker. Thanks to Docker, engineers can create tools, like GitHub Codespaces and GitPod, that enable us to code in a development container hosted in the cloud. However, these tools did more than improve the developer experience. They also helped to reduce barriers within the tech industry.

In this talk, we’ll explore the answers to a few questions:
– What are containers?
– Why are people developing inside containers?
– Does container technology promote equity in the tech industry?

Join Rizel as we dive into the world of containerization and learn how it can level the playing ground for developers of all backgrounds.

Session Speakers:

Rizel Scarlett

Rizel is a Junior Developer Advocate at GitHub. She moonlights as the Director of Programs at G{Code} House, an organization aimed at teaching women of color and non-binary people of color to code. [Read More]

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