Session: Zero to Open Source Contributor (Extended Session)

In this talk aimed squarely at newer developers, GitHub’s Keegan Campbell will discuss how to be a successful contributor on GitHub’s open source projects, skills that will be broadly applicable across the industry. I will open with the basics: read the, be kind, and consider the project’s goals and directions when submitting. When the project is not well-established or is missing ideal documentation, I’ll share strategies for overcoming and espousing a “campground mentality” to leave the project better off because of your interaction. We will discuss the machinations required to contribute (forking, PR submission, merging). I’ll describe how to consider testing appropriately from a maintainer’s perspective, and detail what we look for in a successful issue or PR writeup. I will conclude by giving tips on how to follow through on a PR, responding to feedback without firing and forgetting, and tricks to speed your PRs along to the approval and release phase. By the end of the talk, attendees will feel empowered and confident when submitting contributions to public repositories.

Session Speakers:

Keegan Campbell

Keegan Campbell is a software engineer at GitHub, where he has spent the last 3 years writing Go. Before that, he worked at Microsoft and Alaska Airlines. Currently he works on Octokit and maintain [Read More]

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