Talk Recordings – By Track

We made editing and posting session recordings a priority, and we’re thrilled to say all are now available for viewing.

We’ve also broken them down by track and playlist below, to make searching (and finding) as easy as possible.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the recordings!

Morning Keynotes

  1. The keynote playlist (all 6 keynotes together)
  2. The State of Open Source Software in Organizations – Javier Perez, Perforce
  3. Open Source Developers Make Tech More Trustworthy – Kelly Huang, Ethyca
  4. How to Get Your PR Reviewed – Brian Douglas, GitHub
  5. Calling All Non-Code Contributors! – Justin Dorfman, Sourcegraph
  6. Open Source Standards: Toward a more diverse and equal internet – Paloma Andrade de Oliveira, Sauce Labs
  7. An OS Internship Alternative: The MLH Fellowship, Year 3 – Jason Nappy, Major League Hacking

Technologies 1

  1. The playlist (every talk on the track)
  2. An Introduction to Kubernetes and Continuous Delivery Fundamentals – Brad Topol, IBM
  3. Containers in Depth – Understanding how containers work to better work with containers – Brent Laster, SAS & Tech Skills Transformations LLC
  4. Graduating from Docker to Kubernetes – Colin Griffin, Krumware LLC
  5. Deploying open data services in Kubernetes – Patrick McFadin, DataStax
  6. A Visual Introduction to Apache Kafka – Paul Brebner, Instaclustr

Technologies 2

  1. The playlist (every talk on the track)
  2. DevOps, 12-Factor, and Open Source – Justin Reock, Gradle Inc
  3. Open Source instead of Outsource your Database – Brandon Roberts, Appwrite
  4. WTF is GitOps & Why Should You Care? – Ravi Priyanka, Weaveworks
  5. Functional Web Apps – The revenge of dynamic web apps – Simon MacDonald, Begin
  6. Writing Commits for You, Your Friends, and Your Future Self – Victoria Dye, GitHub

Case Study / Demo

  1. The playlist (every talk on the track)
  2. Building an open company around an open source project – Mike Bursell, Profian
  3. Docs or it didn’t happen (the WordPress documentation case study)  – Milana Cap, XWP
  4. API testing at HBO Max using WireMock-Captain – Satvik Shukla, WarnerMedia
  5. Cloud Infrastructure Management and Security with Open Source Technology – Stephen Campbell, Riot Games
  6. MySQL Indexes and Histograms — How They Really Speed Up Your Queries – Frederic Descamps, Oracle 

Processes 2

  1. The playlist (every talk on the track)
  2. On Growth: Tips to Grow a Healthy Open Source Community – Atinuke Kayode, Layer5
  3. How to Attract Contributors To Your Open Source Project – Rizel Scarlett, GitHub
  4. Open-Source by Everyone – DB Babjack, Optum/United Health Group
  5. Establishing an incentivised partners programme in an open source project – Ruth Cheesley, Acquia / Mautic
  6. Quality over Quantity; Best Practices for an Effective Open Source Contribution – Ruth Ikegah, Animalz

Processes 3

  1. The playlist (every talk on the track)
  2. Productivity Management in OSS – Thabang Mashologu, ZenHub, Inc.
  3. Open Source Is Not Just About Code: Effective Strategies for Collaboration – Ben Greenberg, New Relic
  4. Intellectual Property and Open Source 101 – Jim Jagielski, Salesforce
  5. Inclusive Open Source Processes and Governance – Silona Bonewald, Leadingbit
  6. The OSS Maturity Model: Is the Project Ready for You? – Dave McAllister, nginx


*note this track was limited due to technical issues – missing sessions are being rescheduled now

  1. Leverage super powers of OpenZiti by embedding zero trust directly into your application – Clint Dovholuk, NetFoundry

Processes 1

*note this track was limited due to technical issues – missing sessions are being rescheduled now

  1. Preventing Supply Chain Attacks on Open Source Software – Kavitha Venkataswamy & Srinivasan Rangaraj, Capital One
  2. Improving Design in Open Source – Django Skorupa, Open@RIT

*A note about the Projects, Emerging Tech, and Processes 1 tracks..  Due to technical difficulties experienced during the conference we are having to reschedule these talks. We will announce dates and events (meetups, All Things Open 2022, etc.) shortly.