Book Signing Schedule

We’ll host three (3) book signing sessions at Open Source 101 in Charlotte.

All books are free (as in beer) and the authors will be onsite signing each copy.

Review the schedule below and plan now to get in line early. Books are limited in number. 

Book Signing #1

12:15PM ET / 2nd Floor

Istio Ambient Explained – Getting Started with Istio Ambient Service Mesh 

Up to 50 print copies will be available

Lin Sun – Director of Open Source,

*the book signing session will follow Lin’s 11:30 am A Guided Tour of Istio Ambient Mesh session

Book Signing #2

12:15PM ET / 2nd Floor

Professional Git

Approximately 15 print copies will be available 

Brent Laster – DevOps Director, R&D, SAS & President and Chief Trainer, Tech Skills Transformations , SAS and Tech Skills Transformations LLC

*the signing session will follow Brent’s Introduction to Kubernetes 10:30 am extended session

Book Signing #3

3:15PM ET / 2nd Floor

Kubernetes – An Enterprise Guide, 2nd edition 

10 print copies will be available

Marc Boorshtein – CTO, Tremolo Security, Inc.

*the signing session will follow Marc’s Introduction to Kubernetes Security extended session