Round 1 Speakers + Sessions

We’re thrilled to announce Round 1 Speakers for Open Source 101 2023.

Each and every one of the technologists and thought leaders below are incredibly well respected and bring a tremendous amount of subject matter expertise to the conference. We’re honored to host them.

Everyone below will also be live and in-person in downtown Charlotte on March 23.

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Swarna Podila

Head of Marketing


Brian Douglas


Open Sauced

Angela Jin

Head of Programs & Contributor Experience

Automattic, Inc.

Pedro Galvan

Head of Content & Technology

Software Guru

Peter Zaitsev



Gokul Prabagaren

Engineering Manager


Sharon Foga

Director, Community and Developer Relations

Instaclustr by NetApp

Brad Topol

Distinguished Engineer, Director of Open Technologies & Chief Developer Advocate


Danny McCormick

Senior Software Engineer


Vishal Pallerla

Developer Advocate


Paula Paul

Field CTO


Eric Schabell

Director Evangelism


Brent Laster

DevOps Director, R&D


Simon MacDonald

Head of Developer Experience


Sessions To Be Featured 

Although the official schedule will be released next week on Tuesday, February 14, the following sessions will be featured:


  • Introduction to Kubernetes
  • Machine Learning with Apache Beam
  • Comparing OSS Package Management Tools for Polyglot Stacks
  • An Introduction to Cloud Native Technologies
  • Why are people developing inside containers?: How Codespaces takes containerization to the next level
  • Kubernetes Security 101: Best Practices to Secure your Cluster
  • Introduction to Rust: Systems Programming for the Modern Developer
  • Building Web Applications without a Framework
  • Service Meshes 101
  • Getting your website into the cloud using open source technologies (workshop)
  • Observability For You and Me with openTelemetry

Process & Case Studies

  • Becoming an Open Source Contributor (workshop)
  • Challenges of Spark Applications coexisting with NoSQL databases (case study)
  • Documentation that developers love
  • Establishing a code of conduct and response team for your global open source project
  • Getting started with good first issues
  • Marketing your open source project 
  • Web Accessibility: Why, How and What
  • A Distributed (Open Source) Intelligence Vision for the Electric Grid (case study)
  • How to keep an open-source app together with commercial products? 
  • Bootstrapping an Open-Source Program Office at Blue Cross NC (case study)
  • Accelerating Your Open Source Contribution Journey with Cloud Development Environments