Technology 1 Track Overview

The Technology 1 track  at the conference this year will be outstanding.

A conscious effort has been made to feature topics that are foundational, educational and frankly, interesting to a large number of attendees.

In addition, the speakers delivering these topics are world-class thought leaders from around the U.S.

See who and what will be featured below, and register now to attend!

10:30AM – 11:15AM / Lecture Hall (2nd Floor)

Observability For You and Me with openTelemetry

Eric Schabell, Chonosphere

11:30AM – 12:15PM / Lecture Hall (2nd Floor)

A Guided Tour of Istio Ambient Mesh

Lin Sun,

*note, Lin will be signing books following her talk

12:30PM – 1:15PM / Lecture Hall (2nd Floor)

The State of Open Source Cloud 

Peter Zaitsev, Percona

1:30PM – 2:15PM / Lecture Hall (2nd Floor)

Machine Learning with Apache Beam

Danny McCormick, Google

2:30PM – 3:15PM / Lecture Hall (2nd Floor)

An Introduction to Cloud Native Technologies

Brad Topol, IBM

*note, Brad will be signing books following his talk   

The Technology 1 track is proudly sponsored and made possible by the team at DevZero